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So you are psyched for the new mp3 store, but you want to keep the functionality of the iTunes Purchased Music playlist.

This makes tons of sense, you want to be able to loacate your recently purchased music easily. Here is how you can do it with the purchased music.

Create a smart playlist with the following criteria:

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(Comment Contains

Now you will have a playlist that contains all of your purchased music. Enjoy.


What happens when funny people make a video and put it on YouTube, well you get a funny video. If you haven’t heard of the band Ok Go or seen their music video for “Here it goes again” then you wouldn’t really understand the video from Nobody’s Watching. So to make it easier for all of you that haven’t seen this great music video I will provide it below so that you can watch it before you watch the next video.

Now wasn’t that great. I think it is really unique and fun to watch. I wish I had 8 treadmills so that I could do it. Now lets move onto the next video. This is from Nobody’s Watching. You can visit their site here and watch the video below. Enjoy.

If you are interested in finding good new music then I have a podcast for you. It is call IndieFeed and there are 6 different flavors of the podcast featuring different genres of music. After subscribing to their alternative podcast I have bought 4 albums from bands that they featured. So head over to their website or iTunes and check them out.

This is a new addiction of mine. I love music and everything about it. So it should come as no suprise that a large part of my income goes to purchasing new albums and songs from various artists. The other day when I was looking at some Ben Folds music, I noticed he had an album that was called an iTunes Original. I have seen these around before but have never really looked at them. After looking at the album I was impressed. It basically has versions of his most popular songs (some are re-recorded as acoustic and stuff like that) and in between each song the artist explains what the song means to them and what inspired them to write it. It is really cool and gives a lot of songs a whole new meaning to me. It is also really neat to hear the history behind some of these artists. Needless to say that iTunes has burnt a hole in my wallet with these albums. I suggest heading over to iTunes to check out the iTunes Original albums.

Let me start off my slew of new posts with podcasts. As some of you may know, at times I can be a total podcast junkie. I recently started subscribing and giving more of my time to podcasts again. I think that podcasts have some of the richest and best content out there. There are some podcasts that are better than a lot of shows on the TV. If you haven’t ever listened to a podcast, it is most likely that you could find one that fit your interests. I suggest going onto iTunes and just browse around the podcast section and see if anything sticks out. Also another place to find good podcasts is Podcast Alley. Podcasts are a great source of content and I highly recommend them to everyone. I want to start my own podcast but lack a good idea for a show. If you have any ideas just leave them in the comments. In case you were interested my top podcasts that I’m listening to (or watching) are:

IndieFeed: Alternative / Modern Rock
Keith and The Girl
MacBreak Weekly
Tiki Bar TV

This list isn’t all of them just the ones I watch/listen to on a regular basis.

It will soon be illegal to rip your CD’s on to your hard drive to put onto your iPod. Well, it will be that way if the RIAA has their way. I have ranted and bitched about them before, and I am not about to stop. If you know me, you have most likely heard me bitching about this new issue that has arisen. As we all know, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding copyrighted music ever since Napster first appeared and brought P2P widespread. Since then the RIAA has gained a lot of power and started enforcing laws against piracy. One thing that has always protected the user is what is called Fair Use. Fair use is the way that you can use copyrighted material legally. Included in this is creating backups for your CDs onto a hard drive or onto a CD-R/RW. The RIAA has now decided that this should no longer be considered fair use and that consumers that have legally purchased CDs should not be allowed to create backups onto their hard drives or on blank CDs. This also means that you would not be able to put music onto and iPod or other Mp3 player because that would no longer be considered fair use. Now you may be asking yourself how the record company can justify this. I mean, if I purchase a CD I will want to have a back up incase my dog suddenly decides that CDs taste as good as his dog bones, or even if any other terrible thing may happen to my disc. The RIAA believes that CDs are so inexpensive that if you disc gets damaged you can go out and purchase the CD again and that there is no need to back up your music. I don’t know about you, but $15 isn’t exactly what I call inexpensive. Especially compared to the outstanding cost of $0 that it costs to backup your music. I will agree with the RIAA that piracy is bad and that copyrighted material should be protected but they should not try to rip off the consumers that support purchasing of legal music. I guarantee that if they pass this law we will see a significant rise in illegal downloads. This is just asking for people to steal music. The RIAA is basically saying that we should come support them and buy the CDs that they sell, but the second you need help because you scratched your CD then you are on your own. They do not wanna hear anything from you unless you are coughing up cash for a new copy of that CD. This is ridiculous and should not be allowed. It is because of moves like this that the public tends to despise the RIAA. This just shows what can happen when someone gets obsessed with the little power they are given.

Here is my view on downloading copyrighted material. I do not care if you agree or not, these are my thoughts and they probably won’t change because of people bitching about the artists rights or that it is illegal and that I am a bad person.

Unless the content is easily available for purchase on the internet via download (amazon etc do not count) I am justified in downloading it. By not distributing their content on the internet they show that they do not care about making a profit on these offerings. I give a little leeway to older TV shows etc. If the show was on more than a year ago then they do not have to offer it on the internet but they bust release the season (or whatever it is) on DVD for purchase. It would be ridiculous for me to expect them to put shows on the internet that were on 10+ years ago. If the TV show is currently on then I expect it to be on iTunes. I get very strict on how they offer their content. Currently iTunes offers the best deals on TV show distribution and has the most content. I don’t want any of the bullshit like CBS pulls by offering their content on their site for $1.99 and you can only watch it out of the web browser for 24 hours, then it is gone. These are my ideas on content download. All current TV shows must be on iTunes and all older TV shows must be released on DVD or else I am justified in downloading them by other means.

Now lets move onto the RIAA and MPAA. These assholes are getting very cocky with the power they have gotten recently. Many of you may disagree that what they have is not power but I would like to argue this. It is power and they are abusing it. They believe that since they own the copyrights to various pieces of work that they can first off charge an arm and a leg for the content and secondly sue everyone when they feel like they are having a bad day. What ever happened to making the consumer happy. There are very few people that like the RIAA and MPAA at the moment. They want to introduce a new pricing plan in iTunes for the music downloads. They believe that popular music should be more expensive then less popular. Sounds like they are greedy bastards to me. This does help the industry in a way because less popular music might get more listeners because the music overall is cheaper. This still does not make it right. If people wanted to find these bands they would, charing the consumer more only leads them to obtain the music in other illegal ways. I can honestly say that I have not illegally downloaded music since the iTunes music store has been released. I believe that the music is reasonably priced and convenient to obtain. If the RIAA raised the prices then I will be deterred from it and go to other places to get my music. Overall I believe that the RIAA and MPAA have become power happy and want to abuse it while they have it. Someone needs to stand up to them and get the music industry back to a level playing ground.

One more brief issue. The RIAA is suing lyrics websites for posting lyrics to songs they do not have the copyright to. That is just plain wrong. I guarantee you the next thing will be lawyers standing on the street handing out lawsuits to people humming the tune of their favorite song. They must stop pushing the loyal fans of music away and find reasons for them to take the legal route in obtaining music.

This is the end of my extremely long post. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment. This post is also on my new site created with iWeb and can be found here.

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