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827372_68627309.jpgIn our increasingly busy lives, there is less time to do everything that enters our life. This forces us to make choices. One of these choices deal with entertainment.

I am having an internal struggle over the decision to choose a form of entertainment. Currently I’m a total TV junkie. I love TV shows and have 23 season passes set up in my TiVo. I have intense loyalty to my TV shows, I mean I am still watching Lost after the numerous let downs and frustrations.

At the same time, I love to read books. Books are one of the greatest sources of entertainment. It is great to be able to picture the story in my own way and be immersed in the world. The problem is my stack of books that need to be read is large and growing.

I have a limited amount of time to devote to entertainment, and currently TV is the winner. TV isn’t as rewarding as a book, but is much easier to absorb. You can have TV on while doing something else and still enjoy your show. TV is the low hanging fruit that is easy to grasp but contains the occasional worm.

TV can be extremely entertaining, but can leave you with endless unanswered questions (LOST). This helps the networks boost future ratings, but is very frustrating. You can also get involved with a show that ends up being cancelled due to low ratings. Now you are stuck with a story that was never finished properly. Also, TV shows are developed to run on for a long time, this can lead so a series finale that is unsatisfying. It can feel unfinished, like it should go on.

Books on the other hand are high up in the tree. They are difficult to obtain, but twice as large and extremely juicy. Books entertain you for a longer period of time and feel more rewarding. After a book, you feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Although books are more rewarding, they require a lot more energy and devotion. When reading a book, you need to devote all your attention to the book. Unlike TV, you cannot read a book and do homework at the same time. Also, it is hard to determine whether a books is going to be good off the bat. Sometimes you will be one third of the way through before it really turns good.

With so much of my time already invested in TV, I am having a hard time giving more of it to books. I need to find a way to get off of TV and onto books and feel good about it.

TV is the low hanging fruit that has the occasional worms. Books are the hard to reach, yet plump and rewarding fruit at the top. This is my battle through the tree to get the good stuff on top.


Watch this.  Makes you think.  via 

I would like to introduce my $500 box. Yes, you read that right, this box cost me $500. OK, maybe it did come with some books inside but $500 is a little ridiculous.

Today I went into my school’s bookstore to pick up my books for class. To my surprise, all my books came in this nice little package. This meant that I didn’t have to walk around looking for all the books for my class. Then I went to the register to pay. I was blown away when I found out this nice little package would cost $500.

In my two years of college experience, I have never had to pay that much for books. It has come close, but this year takes the gold. I could have bought an iPhone for the amount of money I paid for these books.

On the upside, this semester is looking very promising. Hopefully these books were worth it.

Am I the only one that is sick of hearing about Britney Spears.  First it is the divorce and then its the whole crotch incident.  First of all I really don’t care what happens in her life, but either way it still seems to be everywhere I look.  I have heard the same stories over and over and the only thing it has done is actually made me stupider.  Please stop making blog posts gawking at the fact that she wasn’t wearing underwear and people got pictures of it.  The story has gotten extremely old and wasn’t even good to begin with.  Celebrities do stupid stuff all the time and yet each time the media has to hype it up and everyone gossips about it.

I remember playing with this stuff back in 7th grad science class. Now it has appeared in my life again. I’m not going to take the time to explain what it is other than it is a liquid that when has force applied to it it acts like a solid. If you want to know more check out Wikipedia.

Now for the excellent video of a pool of non-newtonian fluid.

Via Make.

Pzizz, the wonderful napping application has recently been updated to version 2.0.  I will be writing a new review on Tues when I can exchange my old license for a brand new one.

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I haven’t forgotten about you, I have just been very busy. This weekend I will be writing two new posts. One will be an explanation of what podcasting is for those of you who may be interested but don’t understand it, and you will just have to stick around to see what the second one will be about. Have a great day everyone.

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