Last week I made the transition from a point and shoot to a digital SLR camera. After reading many reviews and articles I decided to purchase a Nikon D40.Overall, this camera has been amazing. It exceeds everything that has been said about it and has gotten me more into photography. I have been reading and learning more about the technical aspects of photography and overall it has been an excellent experience.If you have been thinking about purchasing a dSLR, I strongly recommend going to a store and trying them out. Make sure and read reviews to find one that is right for you. I can’t really give a recommendation as this is my first and only dSLR, but I can say that I have been more than happy with my new camera.The site that has helped me out the most on my quest for a dSLR has been The site has great reviews on cameras and also provides excellent user friendly guides on how to access the basic functions of various cameras. The author has written some excellent articles on photography and is overall an excellent resource.If you want to check out the photos I have been taking with the camera, they can be found on my flickr site with the tag Nikon D40. Also go and check out the article I wrote on YourWeb about flickr.