For months I had been wanting Nintendo’s newest council, the Wii. I wanted the system back when it was still only known by its code name the Revolution. Back then there was very little that was actually known about the council other than it would feature a new and innovative remote. After reading the little that was known about the system I became a total Nintendo fan-boy. I would constantly be checking the fan websites to see if there was any new info on Nintendo’s newest creation. I was so engulfed in the Nintendo love fest that I even went out to buy a DS Lite the day they were released. I loved my DS and was absolutely obsessed with the Wii, that is, until the day it was released.

When Nintendo released the Wii, I was ecstatic. I was so excited that it would only be another month until I would have my very own. I spent the entire day reading reviews from those who were willing to wait in line just to get a game council. That is when my opinion started to change. I no longer felt the overwhelming love for the system like I once had. I would read things about how this was for the “casual gamer.” I didn’t know if this was impressive or a let down. I also started to look at the launch titles and wonder just how good these games could be, or if they would even be fun at all. These were in fact the hardcore fan-boys and their opinion wasn’t always the most representative. After about the first two weeks my opinion started to change.

It was approaching my birthday and once the hype had began to die down I started to become interested in the system again. I began to read the on-line reviews and look at the upcoming game lineup. I once again decided that I wanted this system. I didn’t have the lust like I once did, but part of me wanted to have the system. Then came the fateful day when I would actually go and buy one of the precious Wii that I didn’t know if I actually wanted. It was about 12:30 am when me and my two friends got in line for the night. The store opened at 8 am but they had a limited supply. At 8 am my friends and I got our Wiis and headed home, this is where my journey begins.

Stay tuned for Part 2.