I was just reading a Wired article (link) about lonelygirl15, aka. Jessica Rose, when I came across this great paragraph. The best is the very last line.

There’s something about Jessica Rose that the webcam loves. Her distractingly large eyebrows and small round face are bent and stretched by the fish-eye lens into a morsel of beauty that fits perfectly in a pop-up window. That’s not to say she isn’t pretty off camera — she is — but every step she takes closer to the cam multiplies and enhances her looks. It’s a face made for the browser screen.

That last line is kind of interesting, it sounds very similar to the line “she has a face for radio”. Judging by the first part of the paragraph I’m sure that’s not what the author meant, but it is funny none the less.

If you haven’t checked out the lonelygirl15 videos, they can be found on YouTube.