Today, I’d like to take a few moments and talk about a certain company that has sucked my wallet dry. This company is The Omni Group. In my opinion they make some of the greatest software for the Mac. Their Omni Outliner application is matched by none. If you decide to try any of their applications, I strongly recommend trying this. It is a very simple app that, with a little creativity, can become an extremely powerful tool. Browse the site and look at some of the examples and templates and you will see what I mean. Also if you would like more info then I suggest checking out this podcast, Don McAllister does an outstanding job going over some of the basic features of the applications and giving you ideas on how to use it in various situations.

Omni Outliner, is not the only great application this company produces. Omni Graffle is a great diagramming tool. It has a great interface and like the other Omni apps, it just feels well done. Another app that is fun and useful is Omni Dazzle. It is great for people creating screencasts or doing presentations. It is also a great time waster. This is one that you should download, even if its for a 10 min test drive just so you can smile.

Finally I have to move on to my newest purchase. This one I was very skeptical about at first. In fact I was so skeptical about it that I wouldn’t even download it to try it out. Then it went on sale today so I decided to give it a try, and that is when they managed to suck more money out of my pocket. The application I am talking about is none other than Omni Web. Omni Web is a web browser with a few cool tricks up it’s sleeve. I will not go through them here, you can go to the website and check it out. It normally costs about $30 (way to steep for me), but is on sale for $10 until the end of the month. Now you may be wondering why you should pay for a web browser when a) there is one bundled with the system, and b) there are plenty of free alternatives on the web. It will probably boil down to personal taste, but I for one really like it. I feel that their feature set exceeds that of others (for my use at least) and improves upon many of the features they already have. I suggest giving it a try and seeing how you like it. This may not be your cup of tee, but there are people that actually paid the full $30 for this application. If you do like it then buy it now while it is on sale.

I hope that I didn’t burn a hole in too many of your pockets with this post. The Omni Group has some outstanding applications with even more to come (especially for anyone who is a fan of GTD).