Ok so the season premier of lost was on today and man was it crazy. This is going to be a great season, I can tell just from watching the first episode and seeing the previews for next weeks. I am not going to say anything about what happened so that I don’t ruin it for anyone else that is still planning on watching it. I have heard that the producers have said that they are trying to avoid the breaks in mid season like they have done in the past. This way we can have a continuous season instead of like 2 months then take a 3 week break then start up again. Also I hope none of this seasons episodes drag on like they did in the second half of last season. The last 4 or 5 episodes were good but there were some before then where it seemed like they didn’t have enough of a plot line to fill episodes until the season finale so they decided to do boring stories about the characters. I hope that some of you know what I meant in the past few sentences because I’m not sure how to phrase it any better. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the season premier as much as I did. This is going to be a great season for TV shows. House, Lost, Heroes and Smallville all look very promising so far.