This is a new addiction of mine. I love music and everything about it. So it should come as no suprise that a large part of my income goes to purchasing new albums and songs from various artists. The other day when I was looking at some Ben Folds music, I noticed he had an album that was called an iTunes Original. I have seen these around before but have never really looked at them. After looking at the album I was impressed. It basically has versions of his most popular songs (some are re-recorded as acoustic and stuff like that) and in between each song the artist explains what the song means to them and what inspired them to write it. It is really cool and gives a lot of songs a whole new meaning to me. It is also really neat to hear the history behind some of these artists. Needless to say that iTunes has burnt a hole in my wallet with these albums. I suggest heading over to iTunes to check out the iTunes Original albums.