This was in the news last week that Starbucks is raising its coffee by like 5 cents or something like that. This is all the stuff made by the barista and behind the counter. For some reason I just can’t believe the reason they give us for the price raise. They claim it is because of the increase in manufacturing costs. Overall this wont effect me as I rarely drink Starbucks anymore, but none the less it is still crazy. One last thing. I strongly urge all of you that drink Starbucks on a daily or close to daily basis to stop. First of all they are extremely fattening and over priced to begin with. It is a little bit of espresso and a lot of warm milk. Think of all the money you will save if you didn’t buy Starbucks as often. You can go invest that in a coffee maker and regular ground coffee and still get your caffeine intake and save money at the same time. Good luck to all you Starbucks addicts, and I really hope this price increase doesn’t break the bank.

After crunching a few quick numbers, if I am correct about the price increase being 5 cents and you drink Starbucks on average about 3 times a week then it will cost you $7.08 more in a year to keep on drinking Starbucks.