In my last post I took a look at games on the iPod. Now I think it is time to look at another new addition to the iTunes Store and that is movies. Like the games, at first I was extremely skeptical of this new addition to the iTunes Store. Unlike the games, I am still a little skeptical about the movies. Now let’s take a minute to get a closer look at the three main things that could either hurt or help the iTunes movies.

First off lets look at video quality. It actually isn’t that bad. Im not disappointed because the movies I will ultimately end up buying I won’t care if they are a little pixilated. I won’t buy new releases, I’ll get to my reasons for that when I cover price. So this means it only costs me $10 to get a movie, that is the same amount and sometimes less than a music album off iTunes. It is extremely convenient for me to download classics that I want to see. These are the movies that I don’t want to waste time and gas to drive over to Target and pick up a DVD copy. They are fun to just be able to watch when the mood strikes. So overall the quality is actually quite good compared to what I was expecting. The movie looked good on my 20″ display and on my 30″ TV.

The next thing that could hurt movies is how people have to watch them. No one wants to watch them on their computer, period. The good news is that you don’t have to. If you own an iPod I strongly recommend throwing in the dough to pick up the A/V cables. To me it is well worth it, I put all my ripped TV shows on there as well as my movies and I must say it is great solution. That being said if you have an iPod and A/V cables then how you watch your movies will not be a problem. Like I said before, the movies looked good on my 30″ TV. They were not DVD quality but they did not look bad by any standard (unless your a videophile). Also with Apple’s iTV coming out early next year we will have another solution so that we do not have to watch on our computers.

So far it is looking pretty good for these downloadable movies. Now lets get to the one problem I have, price. $10 for a movie isn’t bad, but $15 is. To be fair it technically is only $13 because if you were going to buy the new release you would most likely pre-order it or order it the day it is released and it would only cost you $13 compared to $15 after that. If you wanted to get the movie when it first comes out, chances are you have only seen it once before and that was in the theaters. If that is the case you would probably want the full quality DVD version so that you can get the highest quality and the special extras. Also you get a good physical copy of the movie. The only problem is really new releases, for the $10 movies it isn’t that bad of a deal to get them on iTunes. You don’t have to waste any time going to the store, and they cost about $10 less than the DVD version. The $10 movies is great for impulse buying when you actually take a minute to see how much it costs compared to the DVD version. Impulse buying is really what the iTunes store is all about, and at $10 I believe that can grab that market. $15 is way to high but the $13 dollars is a little closer to home.

Overall, I think that the movies sold on the iTunes store are worth the price and will probably do pretty good once people stop complaining about the price and realize it isn’t that bad of a deal. In the end you will either buy them or you won’t. Some people just won’t stand for lower than DVD quality movies which is understandable considering we all have different tastes and standards. All I can recommend is that you take $10 and go buy a movie that you like but have not seen in awhile. Then make your decision if it was worth it or not to you.