Let me start off my slew of new posts with podcasts. As some of you may know, at times I can be a total podcast junkie. I recently started subscribing and giving more of my time to podcasts again. I think that podcasts have some of the richest and best content out there. There are some podcasts that are better than a lot of shows on the TV. If you haven’t ever listened to a podcast, it is most likely that you could find one that fit your interests. I suggest going onto iTunes and just browse around the podcast section and see if anything sticks out. Also another place to find good podcasts is Podcast Alley. Podcasts are a great source of content and I highly recommend them to everyone. I want to start my own podcast but lack a good idea for a show. If you have any ideas just leave them in the comments. In case you were interested my top podcasts that I’m listening to (or watching) are:

IndieFeed: Alternative / Modern Rock
Keith and The Girl
MacBreak Weekly
Tiki Bar TV

This list isn’t all of them just the ones I watch/listen to on a regular basis.