So I gave in. I purchased a game for my iPod off of the iTunes store. When they were originally announced I decided right off the bat that I didn’t want them. I have a Nintendo DS, why would I ever want a game on my iPod. It was silly, I already have a portable gaming device that has many more options and is built for games, why should I pay $5 to play them on my iPod. Well, after to listening to the host of the MacBreak Weekly podcast highly recommend them, I decided I should check it out for myself. At first I thought $5 was ridiculous to pay for a game, after I thought about it for a little bit I realized that this really wasn’t that bad. To get cheap fun little games like this for the computer cost like $10-15 or even more and this one can be brought with me. Games for my DS cost approx. $30, that makes the iPod games 1/6 of the price. Then I started to think of all the times when I have like 20 min between classes. That isn’t enough time to do anything important besides play games. With only 20 min I don’t wanna get into an in depth game I wanna play something quick and fun. I could play Tetris on my DS or maybe some other quick little things. The one problem is that I rarely bring my DS with me when going to class, but I always have my iPod. So I decided to download the game Vortex off of the iTunes Store and I must say it is really fun and addicting. The controls work perfectly and it is really quite fun. I even get full control of my music playback while playing the game. Overall I must say I am extremely happy with my purchase. For $5 this game is a great time waster. I have not tried any of the other games and I think I may just stick with one until I get really bored of it. So if you were wondering whether or not the iPod games were a good investment, you can take my word for it. Go out and take the plunge, you will not be disappointed. iPod games can be found on the iTunes Store here.